Those Puddles


There is a gravel parking lot on Denny that my bus drives right by everyday. When it rains the huge dips in it fill up and make beautiful big puddles that reflect all the tall buildings around it. I’ve been itching to shoot there for a while but didn’t know exactly how I would. I had a free assignment for school coming up so when I saw that this rain was supposed to cease for a day I decided to contact a model friend I knew could fit the vibe and trusted her to supply the wardrobe. I didn’t worry about hair or makeup or even knowing what anything looked like beforehand. I gave up so much control here. Something I never do, I'm quite the control freak. I know a lot of upperclassmen in my program shoot like that all of the time and produce great work, so I thought I could give it a try. I think through shooting this I learned that that style doesn’t really work for me. I like really stylized things with strong concept. This made me realize I am very much not a 'lifestyle' fashion photographer and should continue to pursue the world of high fashion. I’m happy with these images, maybe not all inspired at first but it was a great exercise none the less. And of course my model Annie killed it!


Model: Annie Plunket – Heffner Model Management